Coffetek ‘Neo’

Neo from Coffetek brings the coffee shop directly to you, serving a delicious range of high quality hot & cold* beverages. Finished in smoked glass, the angular design provides a stunning look which will compliment any environment.


The patented in-touch selection system incorporates large icon buttons which are akin to many consumer electronic devices, making drink selection simple and quick.
The wallpaper graphic system with LED backlighting allows the machine to be transformed for different environments. There are three standard wallpapers to choose – warm espresso, cool mono or Iconic. The panel can also be customised.
NEO is available in five different specifications (instant, single fresh brew tea, double fresh brew, triple fresh brew and bean to cup). The varied menu includes continental coffee blends directly from the bean, fresh leaf teas, the finest freeze dried coffees and indulgent hot chocolate drinks. Using the in-touch system the consumer can fully customise the drink, altering the amount of milk / sugar and varying the strength of tea or coffee.

Green Credentials

The Neo beverage machine incorporates the most advanced energy saving mode available, saving up to 30% in
energy consumption.
Most systems rely on the machine having a specific time period set to enter a shutdown or economy mode. The
Neo has inbuilt learning technology which monitors usage and automatically alters the shutdown or economy
mode time periods.
Energy Learn®  – Uses the selection system to detect usage
Energy I-Detect®  – An advanced movement sensor detects a user on approach to the machine

Key Features

  • First machine manufacturer to have machine independently tested to the EVA-EMP standard;
  • Consumes just 86 watt hours / hr
  • 90% of the Neo hot beverage machine is recyclable at the end of life
  • Paperless brewing system, no paper waste
  • Cup sensor allows use of own cup reducing plastic and paper cup usage

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