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  • Available in silver or metallic black
  • Dimensions – W968xD782xH1830mm
  • Gross weight – 323Kg
  • Compartment height – 127mm
  • Each shelf can be divided into 5,10,15,20 or 25 compartments to suit various product sizes
  • Standard capacity – 115 items. 1 shelf with 20 items, 3 shelves with 15 items and 5 shelves with 10 items
  • Max capacity – 225 items – all trays with 25 items

Key Features

  • Trays can be easily configured to hold a selection of plated main meals to small snack items, maximising the available space and offering a wide choice of products
  • 9 levels, each with 127 mm tall vend doors, provide optimum product visibility, promoting sales
  • LED lighting is durable and energy efficient whilst producing a brighter light
  • Powered vend doors on all levels allow easy one handed operation
  • 2 way drum rotation speeds selection time
  • Individual selection pricing increases flexibility
  • Refrigeration unit can be easily serviced from the front of the machine
  • Side-of-drum storage area keeps additional products refrigerated and available for immediate restocking
  • Audit system records sales information, aiding stock control and machine management
  • Operating temperature controlled by electronic sensor at 3deg C. Sales function closes down if temperature reaches 5deg C.
  • Cooling system designed to maintain internal temperature at or below 2.2deg C – 3.3deg C with a relative 70% relative humidity at an 35deg C ambient temperature

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