Jura XJ8

The JURA JX8 is incredibly versatile: it can prepare the full range of speciality coffees finished with milk and milk foam as well as black coffees and the classic pot of coffee.

For tea lovers, it also prepares hot water at different temperature levels. With its solid, height-adjustable dual spout, it can create a speciality coffee – or even two beverages simultaneously – and dispense them into the cups or glasses, at the touch of a button.

The handy cup positioning aid makes it ideal for self-service. The same goes for the large, clearly arranged preparation buttons. Different speciality coffees can be positioned wherever you like on the display, according to your needs. Whether equipped with the standard large water tank or a sturdy freshwater kit, the Jura JX8 offers excellent performance whether in mobile use or in a fixed location.


Purchase Including 1 Years Parts Warranty – £3,045.00

Purchase Including 3 Years Full Warranty – £4,295.00

3 Years Rental Including Full Warranty – £398.27 QTR (£30.63 per week)

5 Years Rental Including Full Warranty – £280.99 QTR (£21.61 per week)


Rent a Nayax Onyx Cashless Payment System from only £37.48 per Quarter over 5 years (£2.88 per week). Alternatively, purchase the Card Reader outright for just £599.00 + VAT.

Monthly Charges:

Transaction fees – Approximately 2.95% (taken from sales)

Gateway & Data Sim – £10.00 (taken from sales)

One-off Setup Fee – £40.00 (taken from your first month’s sales)

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