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Presenting the ‘VOCE’ by CraneMS and the ‘Step’ and ‘Torino’ range by Coffetek – brand new and stylish vending systems providing a full coffee shop style menu – anything from sophisticated Continental Coffee blends to FreshBrew Leaf Tea, Hot Chocolate, Soups and Cold Drink variations.
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CraneMS ‘VOCE’

VOCE (pronounced ‘Votchay’) is a truly versatile hot beverage solution for all locations, delivering an unrivalled choice of beverages from instant, freshbrew, roast & ground and bean to cup models, with the option to include chilled still and sparkling drinks.
The future, today…
VOCE’s modern design will enhance any location. The flat glass door provides the highest quality look and feel and with illuminated graphic panels is certain to entice consumers to try the quality beverages on offer.
VOCE bean to cup and roast & ground models incorporate the Co-Ex brewer, producing the highest quality espresso based beverages. Bring coffee shop menus to your office or workplace, and enjoy Espresso, Cappuccino and Lattes brewed fresh from beans ground on demand, or made from espresso roast and ground coffee.
The Voce range includes –

  • A large selection menu area with a choice of build a drink or numeric keypad
  • High impact, illuminated graphic panels
  • Easy to brand, quick change top and bottom graphic panels and slide in menus can be customised to suit your brand or location
  • Fast vend times, the perfect solution for workplace,office and leisure locations
  • Flexible cup drop unit availalbe in 7oz, 9oz or 12oz sizes with up to 600 cup capacity
  • Operator friendly, easy to clean, fill and service
  • Incorporates SureVend™an infra-red sensor detects that a cup has dropped or that a user’s own mug is in place
  • Compliments the Crane range of Snack, Food and Cold Beverage equipment
  • Dimensions – (mm) H1830xW700xD790 Weight – 193kg
  • Voltage – 220-240V AC 13amp fused
  • Water Pressure – 200-600Kpa (2-6 Bar)

Environmentally Friendly
VOCE is Crane’s greenest machine, manufactured where possible using recycled materials. VOCE incorporates low energy LED lighting and energy saving software which significantly reduces energy consumption during out of hours operation.
VOCE is also available with a CarbonNeutral option, where carbon credits can be purchased to offset the use and placement of the machine for a five-year period – a first for a vending manufacturer.[/tab] [tab]

Coffetek ‘Step’

Combining stunning design and proven robust technology, the STEP free standing range from Coffetek is at the cutting edge of vending dispense systems.
Finished in smoked glass the angular design with patented in-Touch user interface is akin to many consumer electronic devices with large drink button icons. A 12 inch video display provides user instructions, vend sequence progress and useful information such as nutritional content and calorific values.

  • Also available as a soluble option.
  • Drink Options – Bean to Cup Coffee (Black or White), Decaffeinated Instant Coffee (or Instant Soup), FreshBrew Leaf Tea, Cappuccino, Espresso, Caffe Latte, Caffe Mocha, Latte Macchiato, Hot Chocolate, Chocomilk, Hot Water, Milk and Sugar Options.
  • Cup sensor allows use of own cup.
  • Energy saving mode – reducing power by up to 30%.
  • 90% recyclable at end of life.

Features –

  • Large open cup station enhances the user experience allowing full view of the drink being prepared.
  • Internal stainless steel panelling – durable and easy to clean.
  • Internal audit display allows quick reference to drink audits.
  • Dimensions (mm) – W698 x D698 x H1830 Weight – 140kg
  • Voltage – 230Vac, 13A Single Phase
  • Frequency – 50Hz
  • Water Pressure – Min 170Kpa (1.7 Bar), Max 830Kpa (8.3 Bar)
  • Supply – 15mm mains supply from rising main terminating in stop cock.

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Coffetek NeoCoffetek ‘Neo’

Neo from Coffetek brings the coffee shop directly to you, serving a delicious range of high quality hot & cold* beverages. Finished in smoked glass, the angular design provides a stunning look which will compliment any environment.
The patented in-touch selection system incorporates large icon buttons which are akin to many consumer electronic devices, making drink selection simple and quick.
The wallpaper graphic system with LED backlighting allows the machine to be transformed for different environments. There are three standard wallpapers to choose – warm espresso, cool mono or Iconic. The panel can also be customised.
NEO is available in five different specifications (instant, single fresh brew tea, double fresh brew, triple fresh brew and bean to cup). The varied menu includes continental coffee blends directly from the bean, fresh leaf teas, the finest freeze dried coffees and indulgent hot chocolate drinks. Using the in-touch system the consumer can fully customise the drink, altering the amount of milk / sugar and varying the strength of tea or coffee.
Green Credentials
The Neo beverage machine incorporates the most advanced energy saving mode available, saving up to 30% in
energy consumption.
Most systems rely on the machine having a specific time period set to enter a shutdown or economy mode. The
Neo has inbuilt learning technology which monitors usage and automatically alters the shutdown or economy
mode time periods.
Energy Learn®  – Uses the selection system to detect usage
Energy I-Detect®  – An advanced movement sensor detects a user on approach to the machine

  • First machine manufacturer to have machine independently tested to the EVA-EMP standard;
  • Consumes just 86 watt hours / hr
  • 90% of the Neo hot beverage machine is recyclable at the end of life
  • Paperless brewing system, no paper waste
  • Cup sensor allows use of own cup reducing plastic and paper cup usage

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Table Top and Traditional Machines

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Coffetek Vitro Bean to Cup

Combining stunning design and proven robust technology, the Vitro BTC from Coffetek is at the cutting edge of hot drink dispense systems.
Finished in smoked glass the angular design with chrome finish trim provides a contemporary feel, the patented In-Touch user interface is akin to many consumer electronic devices with large drink button icons.
The Vitro BTC now incorporates updated control technology, with advanced features such as an intuitive USB interface, timed activities – economy/shutdown mode and flexible drink programming.

  • A ‘Go-Large’ option is available on all of the Vitro range providing two cup levels at the touch of a button.
  • Drink Selection – Coffee, Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Espresso, Americano, Hot Chocolate, Mocha, Latte Macchiato, Hot Water
  • Dimensions – H810xW420xD510mm
  • Electrical Specification
  • Voltage/Current 230Vac/12A/2.8Kw
  • Frequency – 50Hz

[pane title=”Coffetek Vitro Espresso Duo”]

Coffetek Vitro Espresso Duo

4 canister espresso and leaf tea system
A first in the industry the Espresso Duo incorporates a high pressure system providing authentic espresso based coffee shop style beverages. The range of drinks includes high street favourites such as Espresso, Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, Latte Macchiato and Americano, simply touch and go. In addition the Vitro Espresso Duo incorporates Coffetek’s EasyBrew system providing fresh leaf tea and for those indulgent moments, hot chocolate and Cafe Mocha.

  • Bean to cup coffees, fresh brew tea, milk and chocolate
  • Individual hoppers for coffee beans and fresh leaf tea provide a complete range of the highest quality hot beverages
  • Both the coffee and fresh tea EasyBrew® systems are easily accessed and maintained
  • ‘Go Large’button offers a 12oz drink option
  • Large front panel with clear, one-touch operation buttons. Excellent opportunities for individual branding.
  • Dimensions (mm) W550 x D530 x H820

[pane title=”Bravilor Bonamat FreshGround 310″]

Bravilor Bonamat ‘FreshGround 310’

Coffee machine manufacturer Bravilor has upgraded its FreshGround model with a series of new features it hopes will set it apart from other brands in the market.
The new version has a high grade stainless steel body, black plastic mouldings to accentuate its curves and LED accent lighting.
The interface also been redesigned, with a visible bean hopper and clear backlit buttons following a logical progression to the start button to vend any of the eight drink options available.
While the unit relies on the same technology used in other machines made by the manufacturer, a new patented brewer unit created by Bravilor Bonamat’
s R&D team is designed to ensure long-lasting service.
The FreshGround also boasts a waste bin and descale indicator, as well as an ECO mode which helps reduce power usage during times of inactivitiy.
[pane title=”Iberital L’anna 1GRP Fully Automatic”]

Iberital L'anna 1GRP Fully Automatic

Iberital L’anna 1GRP Fully Automatic
1 Grp fully automatic machine. Ideal for smaller sites where occasional consumers insist on a genuine espresso or other coffee-based drink.

  • 6 litre boiler
  • Easy access for servicing
  • Internal pump and motor
  • Self cleaning site glass
  • Boiler drain tap
  • Dimensions (mm) – H460 x W430 x D540, Weight – 48kg, Power – 2.4kw

[pane title=”Iberital Junior Compact 2GRP Fully Automatic”]


Iberital Junior Compact 2GRP Fully Automatic
Fits where other machines can’t!
First we had the ‘Junior’ now meet its smaller brother, ‘Junior Compact’. As with the standard Junior, the Compact is packed with superb features and gives outstanding performance. How Iberital have managed to pack all this performance into a package that is 156mm narrower, we’ll never know.
The machine will fit just about anywhere. No space is too small or too awkward to stop you making great espressos!
Available in two superb colour ways, this great little machine will look good anywhere!

  • 2-GRP machine – 10.5 litre boiler
  • Adjustable touchpanel settings
  • Stainless steel steam tubes
  • Anti-splash hot water outlet
  • 2 steam valves
  • Heating element protection device
  • Internal pump and motor
  • Dimensions (mm) – H460 x W534 x D475 Weight – 45kg Power 3000w
  • Available in one of 2 colours – Black or Grey

[pane title=”Iberital Junior 2GRP Fully Automatic”]

Iberital Junior 2GRP Fully Automatic
Stylish design and a small footprint are combined to make the Compact a very popular espresso machine. Price competitive, using Iberital’s renowned formula for technology that you can trust.

  • 2-GRP machine – 10.5 litre boiler
  • Adjustable touchpanel settings
  • Stainless steel steam tubes
  • Anti-splash hot water outlet
  • 2 steam valves
  • Heating element protection device
  • Internal pump and motor
  • 2 colours available – Black or Grey
  • Dimensions (mm) – H460 x W690 x D475, Weight – 47kg, Power – 3000w

[pane title=”Iberital Intenz 2GRP Fully Automatic”]

Iberital Intenz 2GRP

Iberital Intenz 2GRP Fully Automatic
Our best selling machine. Fantastic value – Great workhorse.

  • 14 litre boiler
  • Easy access for servicing
  • Internal pump and motor
  • Self cleaning site glass
  • Boiler drain tap
  • Optional cup surround available
  • Dimensions (mm) – H460 x W750 x D540, Weight – 73kg, Power – 5kw

[pane title=”Iberital Expression 2GRP Fully Automatic”]

Iberital Expression 2GRP Fully Automatic
The ultimate barista machine. Iberital’s top of the range machine marries contemporary design with the lates digital technology including temperature controlled group heads, to produce the ultimate espresso.
This model combines Iberital’s renowned reliability with engineer friendly features including removable side and front panels.

  • Colours available – Aluminium, Green, Cream, Red, Beige
  • 14 litre boiler
  • Digital display shows date and time, records number of coffees dispensed, displays the current coffee selection and the drink delivery time (in seconds) for each group. Company name is shown when machine is not in use.
  • Program machine to switch on/off automatically
  • Water intake is displayed. Ensures water filters are changed when necessary
  • Lever steam valves
  • New design heat exchangers heated by steam only ensuring temperature accuracy and better quality espresso
  • Adjustable boiler temperature in deg C or F and adjustable boiler temperature variation (0.5 degC, 1 degC or 2 degC)
  • Boiler drain tap located in centre of drip tray for easy drainage
  • Anti-splash hot water outlet
  • Auto boiler fill
  • Dimensions (mm) – H455 x W783 x D568, Weight 61kg, Power 5000w

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